Welcome to a site devoted to entirely organic farming and production of chokeberry juice.

Let’s take a closer look at chokeberry. The bush was discovered about 300 years ago in the territory of today’s Canada and United States. In the 19th century, it appeared in Russia as a specimen in botanic gardens. The health values of chokeberry bushes were discovered in central Asia, and later in north-eastern Russia, where the first plantations were created. Today, the plant is grown in many countries. Curiously enough, Poland is a global tycoon in this respect. In 2003, our growers produced 15,000 tonnes of fruit. We export juices, concentrates and frozen chokeberry products to the countries of Western Europe and the United States. Chokeberry is loved primarily in Germany, Scandinavia and Austria.

Many articles have recently come out in press about the health benefits of chokeberry and its preserves (including juices and nectars). Information about our juices appeared on numerous occasions in TV and radio broadcasts. For more information and presentation of the above-mentioned events, see tab: “Downloadable Materials”.

In connection with the request of Professor Iwona Wawer from the Medical University of Warsaw, emphasising the numerous health benefits of chokeberry for people, especially the antioxidant properties that help treat radiation poisoning, we kindly ask that competent state institutions in charge of cooperation with Japanese authorities take interest in the matter.

Members of the Augustów & Podlasie Organic Framers’ Association (Augustowsko-Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Eko-Rolników) grow chokeberry, and they currently have chokeberry in the form of juices, nectars and frozen products. The above goods have organic certificates.

The positive aspects of the above support will help promote the knowledge about the beneficial effects of eating chokeberry and its preserves on human health in Poland and worldwide.
We will be grateful for taking interest in the matter in question. For more information about the issues, visit the website of Professor Iwona Wawer.

Yours sincerely
Andrzej Chilicki