Eko-Aronia Agnieszka Chilicka is a family business. The parents have a 37-hectare farm. The chokeberry plantation is situated within the Biebrzański National Park and follows the rules of organic farming. The Biebrzański National Park is the largest national park in Poland. The owner of the business, Agnieszka Chilicka, is a Biotechnology graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SSGW). The owner of the farm, Andrzej Chilicki, graduated from the Business & Farming School of the SSGW. He is the Chairman of the Augustów & Podlasie Organic Farmers’ Association (Augustowsko-Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Eko-Rolników), with organic farmers from the Podlaskie Province as its members. In collaboration with other innovative companies, Eko-Aronia offers a wide range of chokeberry products that it promotes and sells both in Poland and in foreign markets.